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Tuscaloosa Possession of Marijuana Lawyers

Have You Been Charged in Jefferson, Blount Bibb, Pickens or Tuscaloosa County?

While other states across the country have legalized the use of both medical and recreational marijuana, Alabama has not. It is still a crime in this state to possess marijuana for personal use. Possession, distribution, or cultivation of this controlled substance can lead to criminal charges and penalties. While you may believe you are at low risk for the associated punishments of a marijuana conviction, you should not take this charge lightly.

At The Glasscox Law Firm LLC, we can work toward obtaining favorable results in any marijuana offense. We serve clients through Jefferson, Bibb, Blount, Fayette, Hale, Greene, Pickens, and Tuscaloosa Counties, as well as student and personnel associated with the University of Alabama. If you or someone you know is facing marijuana-related charges, you can work with a team of Tuscaloosa marijuana possession attorneys who have a depth of knowledge and experience and are dedicated to serving individuals throughout the area.

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Marijuana Possession in Alabama

Personal use possession of marijuana is charged as a misdemeanor. In some cases, however, the charge can escalate into a felony based on the circumstances, such as whether you have prior convictions.

Alabama classifies marijuana possession into two degrees:

  • First-degree possession consists of either possession for something other than personal use (a Class C felony) or a repeat offense of marijuana possession as (a Class D felony)
  • Second-degree possession consists of possession for one's personal use only, which is charged as a Class A misdemeanor

Class D felonies carry penalties of up to 5 years in prison and fines of up to $75,000, while Class C felonies are punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $15,000.

If you are found with large quantities of marijuana, you may be charged with intent to distribute, cultivation, or trafficking. These crimes carry even more serious penalties. Punishments can also be increased in cases where you were within a certain distance of a school or university or if your crime involved the use of a weapon or violence.

Other penalties for marijuana convictions include a 6-month license suspension, potential seizure of property, and a permanent criminal record. This can lead to future problems in gaining jobs, housing, professional licenses, and educational aid. A felony criminal record leads to the loss of certain rights, such as the right to own a gun or to vote.

Drug Diversion Programs

Drug diversion programs do exist for those who qualify. Our legal team can negotiate with prosecutors for such programs which include drug court, probation only, or work-release programs. When granted such a program, you can avoid a conviction through drug treatment and monitoring. Our firm can help you get the rehab you need in these cases; we use local experts in alcohol and drug rehabilitation who serve as a valuable resource for those who qualify.

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The Glasscox Law Firm LLC has an outstanding reputation in the community for its quality of representation in any marijuana or other drug case. We urge you to take advantage of our skills, resources, and determination to work toward minimizing the effects of a conviction and to getting your life back on track.

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