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Theft Crimes Defense Lawyers in Tuscaloosa

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Theft crimes range from low-level shoplifting charges to felony theft involving highly valuable property or goods. If you or someone you love has been charged with this offense, it is never too early to seek skilled legal counsel. At The Glasscox Law Firm LLC, you can work with veteran trial lawyers who have an excellent track record of success in the local courts. Our firm serves clients throughout Jefferson, Blount, Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Pickens and Tuscaloosa Counties as well as students and personnel associated with the University of Alabama. We bring 50 years of collective criminal law experience to your case. When you retain our services, you will benefit from our team approach of two skilled attorneys working on your behalf.

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Theft Crimes under Alabama Law

Under Alabama law, theft is described as knowingly taking or exerting control over the property of another with the intention to deprive the owner of it. It also includes stealing property through deception, dealing in stolen property or goods, and theft of services.

The laws break down theft of property into degrees, including:

  • Theft of property in the fourth degree: Property worth less than $500. Charged as a Class A misdemeanor.
  • Theft of property in the third degree: Property valued between $500 and $1,499 or the theft of a credit or debit card. Charged as a Class D felony.
  • Theft of property in the second degree: Property valued between $1,500 to up to $2,500, or the theft of a firearm, or controlled substance. Charged as a Class C felony.
  • Theft of property in the first degree: Property worth more than $2,500, or a motor vehicle, or theft of property with an aggregate value of $1,000 or more within 180 days. Charged as a Class B felony.

Theft of services is described as obtaining services through deception, threat, or other ways of avoiding payment. If you are in control of the services and you use them for your own benefit, you could also be charged.

Theft of services is also categorized into 4 degrees:

  • Fourth-degree is the theft of services valued under $500, charged as a Class A misdemeanor
  • Third-degree is theft of services valued at $500 up to $1499, charged as a Class D felony
  • Second-degree is theft of services valued at $1,500 up to $2,500, charged as Class C felony
  • First-degree is theft of services valued at more than $2,500, charged as a Class B felony

Penalties will depend on the class of felony or misdemeanor you're charged with, as well as whether or not you have previous convictions. A Class A misdemeanor carries penalties of up to 1 year in jail and fines of up to $6,000. Felonies involve more than 1 year of incarceration along with stiffer fines.

If you are caught shoplifting, you may also face a civil lawsuit from the store owner, seeking reimbursement for the value of the stolen goods, attorney fees and court costs, and expenses in trying to recover the items.

The Glasscox Law Firm LLC Can Help

When facing a theft charge in Tuscaloosa, you will want the most experienced and skilled representation you can find. A theft conviction on your record can cause problems in the future by making it challenging to gain employment, obtain housing or professional licenses, and more. As a sign of dishonesty, theft is damaging to your reputation. Our seasoned team of trial lawyers will work diligently to help you avoid the consequences of a theft charge. We will seek a favorable result – whether through negotiation with the prosecutor or a strong defense in court.

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