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Throughout your every day life, you may enter into various transactions with others to obtain goods and/or services. When you do business with individuals or companies, you expect the dealings to be fair and lawful. Unfortunately, not every entity conducts legitimate transactions, and you may suffer harm or losses because of a fraud scheme. In cases where you have been defrauded, you may have the right to take legal action and hold the dishonest person or business responsible for damages you sustained. Because these matters are complex and you must provide proof of your claim, it's best to handle them with the help of a skilled attorney.

If you have been cheated or defrauded and want to hold the entity financially accountable, you need the guidance of an experienced fraud lawyer and consumer protection lawyer. At The Glasscox Law Firm LLC, our skilled trial attorneys will review every detail of your situation and discuss your legal options. We do not stand for businesses or people taking advantage of others for their own gain. We will work hard toward obtaining the justice and compensation you deserve.

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What Exactly Is a Fraud Case?

Generally, fraud occurs when a person or company willfully or recklessly misrepresents material facts when entering into a transaction with a consumer. A material fact is information that is important to a business exchange and can affect a person's decision about engaging in dealings with the other entity.

Fraud can also occur when the individual or company providing goods or services withholds information about the transaction to get the consumer to go through with it.

Common Types of Fraud

Because you can engage in numerous transactions with various entities, several different types of fraud exist.

Below are common kinds of fraud schemes:

  • Automobile fraud: Nowadays, automobile fraud is very common. A car dealer may fail to tell you the true condition of a car or truck they want you to buy, especially if the vehicle had damage before. One practice they might engage in is odometer fraud, where they tamper with and turn back the miles on a vehicle to make it appear that it has been driven less than it actually has.
  • Insurance/Healthcare Fraud: Usually, insurance fraud happens after a catastrophe, such as a fire, hurricane, tornado, or car accident. The insurance company will tell you that your damage is not covered under your policy. The catastrophe can also be from a medical condition you are unexpectedly diagnosed with, and the medical insurance company tells you that your condition is not covered.
  • Mortgage Fraud: If you are behind on your payments, a shady, dishonest lender or mortgage broker may offer to "renegotiate" the terms of your mortgage – for a fee. Many times, these companies don't attempt to renegotiate; instead, they simply take the fee you paid them, committing fraud and making a profit at your loss.

Helping Victims of Fraud Pursue Legal Action

Thinking you've engaged in a legitimate transaction and then finding out that you were duped by a nefarious person or business can be devastating. Not only might you suffer damages because of the fraud, but you also lose trust in others. At The Glasscox Law Firm LLC, our Tuscaloosa attorneys are committed to working tirelessly on your behalf to establish that you have been defrauded. We have over 40 years of combined experience and will leverage our knowledge and skills to ensure your rights are protected.

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