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Traffic Violations Lawyers in Tuscaloosa

Have You Been Ticketed in Jefferson, Blount, Bibb, Pickens or Tuscaloosa County?

Being ticketed for a moving or non-moving violation is a common occurrence.  Whether you made an honest mistake, were not paying attention to signs or signals, or have developed a bad driving habit, you now face the consequences. You can pay your fine by the deadline written on the ticket instructions or you can ask for a hearing to contest it. Paying your fine is an automatic admission of guilt, which means you will have to pay the fine and will have points assessed to your driving record. If you contest the ticket, you have the opportunity of reducing or avoiding these punishments.

If you believe you were unjustifiably ticketed, we recommend that you discuss your case and its merits with one of our Tuscaloosa traffic violation attorneys at The Glasscox Law Firm LLC. Our legal team has been serving individuals in the area with outstanding results for many years. In fact, we have 50 years of combined experience handling all kinds of cases in local courts, including traffic violations. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal help and our track record of success reflects that commitment.

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Traffic Violation Consequences in Alabama

Traffic violations can range from speeding or rolling through a stop sign to reckless driving and DUI. The fines imposed and the points assessed will depend on the offense and the county in which it was committed. If you accumulate too many points within a 2-year period, you face a driver's license suspension for a specific time, which is based on the number of points you have on your record.

Alabama's schedule for license suspensions within a 2-year period is as follows:

  • A 60-day suspension for 12 to 14 points
  • A 90-day suspension for 15 to 17 points
  • A 120-day suspension for 18 to 20 points
  • A 180-day suspension for 21 to 23 points
  • A 365-day suspension for 24 or more points

Point counts for any traffic conviction are removed from your record after the 2 years have passed.

License Points for Traffic Violations

Examples of the points that can be added to your record for traffic violations include:

  • 2 points for speeding up to 25 mph over the posted limit
  • 5 points for speeding 26 mph or more over the posted limit
  • 6 points for reckless driving
  • 5 points for failure to yield
  • 3 points for running through a traffic sign or signal
  • 3 points for tailgating
  • 2 points for most other moving violations

When you pay your ticket, you generally will not have to go to court. By disputing it, however, you will have your day in court, where you can present your case to the judge. If you prevail, you may be able to avoid the fine or the license points. If you were ticketed for a minor violation, you may be able to avoid these consequences in exchange for a taking a driving class. If it can be shown that your ticket was not justified at all, you may gain a complete dismissal. Any of these options may be available but you will need the services of our team to present a strong defense before the judge.

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